In this technological era, every now and then user needs to use their system in order to restore some of their personal or important files. There are chances for users to come across certain awkward situation, when they are left panic-stricken as their important files get deleted. Have you got a corrupted hard drive or that does not mount, or do you want to recover files that have been deleted? This may happen due to various reasons. Some common scenarios can be like:

For example In OS X a data or file can be deleted by dragging it to trash and emptying trash, well the file’s name and folder information is usually erased. There is good news for the users as they no longer need to be finger crossed, neither needs them to have any deep technological knowledge about how to rescue data from Mac OS.

Mac OS data rescue tool comes with advanced features to easily undelete errors. Data rescue Mac software helps you retrieving lost files, whether they are destroyed due to crashed HDD or accidentally deleted by some overzealous trash-emptying. This application has an easy and user-friendly interface. It finds out deleted files by normal and thorough scanning process. Its high-end technology makes it a all-rounder, as it can even recover deleted pictures from your Macintosh OS.

Consider a scenario, where you are performing some important task in your Apple Macintosh OS, and meanwhile you remain stunned by some abnormalities in your system. You find out your files disappears in ether. Do not be fumbling, you need to use this recovery software to recover deleted data from hard disk thereby overcome the situation.

Scenarios that results into Data deletion:

Accidental Deletion: Human errors can cause users a lot. User might sometime opt to empty Recycle Bin by mistake, or sometimes perform Command + Delete operation and stays muted due to deletion of files. This Mac OS data rescue is the all in one solution to undelete data and thereby help you to overcome the hindrance.

Trash Oversize: This is another common scenario, which is the reason behind missing files. What actually happens is, even trash of your MacBook series have certain size. It can store particular amount of deleted files. When trash gets filled up, it automatically deletes older files. By using this recovery tool, it is very easy to rescue files deleted from Trash due to oversize issue. Check out the post right here, in order to get complete details

Cut- Paste Operation: This error takes place when user selects cut option to move one file from one source to another, and while selecting the paste option, ends up selecting the delete option.

Third Party Utility: Plugging in unsecure devices or using unauthenticated tools may results into deletion of files.

HDD Corruption: One reason for which your data and files disappears may be because of HDD corruption, which is caused by usage of unsecure or virus prone devices or tools.

Formatting Hard Drive: Sometimes formatting your Mac notebook hard drive accidentally instead of formatting some other files, makes user crave for some advanced technology recovery tool. Now you can even undelete data after format by the use of this software.

These are the most common scenarios where you may lose business documents or pictures, movies, songs, etc. But the revolution in the technology has made it possible to get back deleted or lost files from Mac computer. You can use Mac recovery software and get back your lost information. One can also get the software for the latest Windows 8 operating system, to recover deleted files. Get more info on how to recover deleted files on Windows 8 operating system.

Enrich Features Of Recue Data Recovery Mac Utility:

  • Recovers all type of files from Mac Operating System
  • Slick and easy to use interface
  • Recues even data deleted even after formatting
  • This rescue utility is featured with two built-in definitive volume scanning engines to retrieve data from accidentally deleted Mac volumes.
  • The software is also utilized as disk rescue external drive software that helps user in restoring data from external drive after deletion or formatting. Go right here, to learn more about this application.

Immediate Precautions:

There are many different precautions one needs to take after losing files or after files get deleted.
Like, in case, if data is deleted due to human errors, user immediately needs to stop working on the system, so as to prevent file overwriting. And if user’s data gets deleted due to HDD corruption, it is better to use some HDD data recovery tool.

Necessary steps to rescue data on Mac OS X:

1. Download and install the software in your Operating System, after you are done with installation process, launch the software.  If you want to undelete deleted files click on the Recover Files option.

Rescue Data Mac - File Recovery

2. Next if you want to retrieve deleted files, click "Recover Deleted Files" button as shown in the below fig.

Rescue Data Mac - Recover Deleted Files

3.In this new window, you need to select the volume from where you want to recover your data.

Rescue Deleted - Volume

4. Once you select the vollume, a thorough scan runs to retrieve all deleted data. You are done with the recovery process once you click on "Save Recovery Session”.

Rescue Deleted -View

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users