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  • High-end recovery tool to rescue deleted data from hard drive of interfaces SATA, IDE, etc.
  • Can undelete data from Windows and Mac OS after accidental or intentional deletion
  • Retrieves all deleted photos from USB flash drives, digital camera and external hard drives
  • Featured with advanced built-in "Find Tool" and high-grade search module

Tune-up - Restore Deleted files from your PC

Daily users have lot of stuffs to store either in their desktop or laptop. Well we all have been here at some point while saving our important files into our system, when we find out that our computer ate all our important documents, and files. It is really very disheartening when we lose our treasury moments, papers of important events, official documents, or important videos. This kind of errors happens due to mishandling of devices.




Well, users too are sometimes equally responsible for such situations. These can be called as human errors. Sometimes accidentally you delete an important file of yours, and somehow it skips your Recycle Bin, and you are horrified to see all your documents, disappeared into ether. Before you go panic-stricken, there is a chance for you that the  lost / deleted files are still alive somewhere in the HDD. All you need to know is how to recover deleted files from it.

Normally it is believed that whenever a file gets deleted from the Recycle Bin, it gets permanently erased from the system, but this is a foul assumption, basically in such situation, only the pointer address to the particular file gets deleted. You can recover deleted files unless the file is overwritten. Once a file gets overwritten it no more can be undeleted.

Take a breath now, rescue deleted files softwar has been built with advanced scanning module, which runs a quick scan for files that might have been just deleted. The inbuilt physical scan thoroughly combs through your hard drive for serious file or data deletion.

This application is a reliable and robust solution to undelete any kind of file deletion. It makes the user to relax, by offering complete solutions for crippling disasters that takes place in your Macintosh series, as it is capable enough to rescue deleted files from Mac. This application can even rescue data after format operation has been performed.

Scenarios under which file may get deleted:

Human Errors: Human error is the silliest scenarios and are ranked top reason of file deletion, as a file may get deleted or lost, if a user unintentionally deletes a file, in place of deleting some other files. User may sometimes delete a volume / partition which may results in data loss. In such situation, you may think about how to recover deleted files. No worry, you can rescue deleted files from RAID array using the software.

Cut-Paste Option: Sometimes user come across some panic-stricken situation, while transferring files from system to external storage device or vice versa, they accidentally click on delete option instead of paste option.

Third Party Application: Excessive usage of unauthenticated third party utility may pose a threat to your system, and may result into deletion of certain important files. Then this application will help you to retrieve deleted files easily.

Virus Attack: Virus attack is the deadliest reason for deleted files. Strong viruses eat up all your important files, which pose a threat to your other important files.

Improper Ejection: Improper Ejection or plugging of USB flash drive may delete your files that contained your treasury audio, video, and pictures. This software can rescue photos, audio, and even videos that got deleted.

HDD Issues: Users sometimes deal with different hard disk drive issues such as corrupted hard disk, formatted hard drive. User may sometimes unknowingly delete files from Hard disk, and later combs on how to recover deleted files from hard drive, this recovery software is perfectly designed to overcome such serious obstacle.

Apart from these, there are few more reasons which lead to the deletion of files. But you need not get worried, as with the help of Rescue Deleted software within moments you will be able to get the deleted files.  

Know How to Recover Deleted files from Flash drive???

If the answer is yes, then go ahead and try this software which is the exact answer for your question can I recover deleted files on a flash drive? This tool offers various file restoration modules that lets the user to get their valuable data back with complete folder hierarchy. In order to use this deleted file recovery software all you have to do browse this website

Rich features of the Rescue deleted software:

  • This file rescue application is capable to recover several deleted files or lost files. This software is supported for both Windows OS and series of Apple Macintosh Operating System
  • Its advanced technologies help it to rescue deleted files from Trash
  • It is featured with high-end built-in "Find Tool" to search the deleted files and folders by thorough scanning
  • Rescue Deleted Files tool is user-friendly and comes with preview option to view all the recovered file types prior recovering
  • The plus point about this rescue deleted utility is that user can opt to resume recovery process later, from the point where they stopped scanning
  • It's a fastest recovery application which completes the process of deleted file recovery in a very limited time frame.
  • It is free from all kinds of harmful elements such as vindictive programs and malware.


It is advised that once file gets deleted, you should stop any read write operation into your system, as on saving, it may overwrite the lost file. It is smart people's choice to always keep a backup file for their entire important task. Smart users immediately runs file recovery software.

In spite of following all these above described precautions, if your important files get deleted then take the help of Rescue Deleted application and get back all the deleted files in few simple clicks of computer mouse. You can also try the demo version of this recovery tool and check out how it can restore deleted files. If you feel satisfied with its performance then purchase its licensed version.

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Installation Steps to rescue deleted files on Windows operating system:

1. Download and install the software in your Mac and Windows OS. Once the installation is done, launch it into the system. If you want to retrieve deleted partition or volume on your Windows OS then first you select the option "Recover Partition" and then select the drive or partition from where the data is lost.

Rescue Deleted - Partition Recovery

2. Next, you need to select your physical drive that you want to recover.

Rescue Deleted - Choose Drive

3. You can preview the recovered files either as Data Type View or as File Type View before the recovery to evaluate the chance or recovery.

Rescue Deleted -Preview Recovered Files

4. You are done with the recovery process once you click on "Save Recovery Session".

Rescue Deleted - Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users